The Shifting Trends of
Airport Capital Projects

The world’s airports are in dire need of expansion and modernization. Traveler counts continue to reach unprecedented levels while passengers demand better experiences, forcing airports to invest big in high-tech solutions and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Insights from “International Airport Review” indicate a staggering US$2.4 trillion CapEx requirement in airport infrastructure by 2040 to meet the rising demands of passengers. Airports are reimagining their infrastructure to fortify against future disruptions, embracing modular designs and adaptable layouts. Globally, airports are rethinking operational efficiency and streamlining the passenger experience by investing in tech and process optimizations. Recent announcements by the Canadian government outlines this momentum, with over CA$27.1 million (US$19.9 million) earmarked for safety-centric and equipment modernization endeavors at Canadian airports.

The Airports Council International (ACI) highlights a growing trend towards airport digitization since 2023, signaling an urgency to reduce waste and improve overall efficiency. Airports must invest more in contactless technologies, biometrics, AI-driven analytics, sensor networks, predictive maintenance, and self-service kiosks. Dokainish is at the forefront of technological advancements and assists industry-leading companies to spearhead this shift through its precise process improvement systems. Our track record includes optimizing project outcomes for a multi-billion-dollar manufacturing company by providing cutting-edge scheduling and cost management solutions for their infrastructure project portfolio across Canada.

Carbon-efficient transport and sustainability emerge as the next focal points, propelling investments in renewable energy and eco-conscious infrastructure. Airports are embracing sustainability through initiatives like green architecture. Noteworthy examples include Zurich Airport’s pioneering mass-timber terminal and control tower constructed from locally sourced wood, and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s expansion featuring carbon reduction strategies, photovoltaic panels, and non-fossil-fuel heating systems. Leveraging our expertise in project management and carbon footprint reduction, Dokainish has led cutting-edge energy projects for over a decade and creates new systems and governance to ensure green energy project success.

Dokainish ensures success in complex projects through its wealth of experience in process optimization and technology integration, to drive efficiency at every phase of future airport project lifecycles. With proficiency in systems implementation, project management, and project controls, we empower businesses to surmount challenges and realize their goals.

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