John Seldon’s Career Includes CEO Of NEOM Airport And GM Of The Busiest Airport In The World

TORONTO (November 29, 2023) — As category leaders in project controls and technology consulting, Dokainish & Company is excited to welcome John Selden to our Advisory Board.

Renowned for his leadership at JFK International and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airports, and as the visionary CEO of NEOM Airport, John’s extraordinary track record managing some of the world’s most significant aviation hubs marks a pivotal moment for Dokainish. This appointment not only underscores our commitment to global excellence in the capital project landscape but also highlights our pursuit of innovative thought leadership in the industry.

“John Selden’s exceptional track record in managing the world’s busiest airports brings a new dimension of operational expertise to our already storied Advisory Board,” said Tarik Dokainish, CEO and President of Dokainish & Company. “His deep understanding of complex project environments, particularly in operational excellence and efficiency, aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering high-caliber solutions. John’s expertise will be instrumental in enhancing our clients’ success in large capital projects, driving significant cost savings and program excellence.”

John’s professional journey began in the skies, where his disciplined approach as an airline pilot and tactical acumen as a Navy commander laid the foundation for his exemplary leadership and celebrated career. His transition from the ranks of military service to the highest levels of aviation management speaks volumes of his adaptability and strategic foresight. Selden’s career in aviation management has been distinguished by leadership roles at the world’s most prominent airports:

  • At JFK International Airport, as Deputy General Manager, John demonstrated a keen ability to enhance operations and leadership.
  • His role as General Manager of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the top role in the globe’s busiest airport, further showcased his talent for navigating and enhancing a nexus of intricate operations and passenger services. Under his stewardship, the airport not only thrived but also solidified its place on the world stage.
  • Most recently, as CEO of NEOM Airport, John has been nothing short of visionary and exemplified his ability to innovate and drive success in uncharted territories. Overseeing the development of what is set to become one of the world’s most technologically advanced airports, John’s forward-thinking strategies are paving new frontiers in the aviation sector.

John’s vast experience and innovative leadership approach are not just an addition to our Advisory Board; they are a direct benefit to our clients. As Dokainish & Company continues to define the way in capital project controls and technology consulting, John’s insights will play a crucial role in enhancing the services we offer. His unique perspective on complex operations and efficiency will directly translate into more refined, effective solutions for our clients, helping them achieve their goals with greater precision and success.

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